New products

Chandelier Cobalt

Made of metal, glass and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.50mm W.40mm

Price £: 172

Ceiling Lamp 1920-ies

Made of metal, glass, crystal
and antique crystal rods.
12V. bulb
H.50mm W.30mm

Price £: 132

Ceiling Lamp Blue Glass

Made of metal, glass and strass.
Three 12V. bulbs
H.35mm W.40mm

Price £: 84

Plafond Lanterns

Made of metal, glass, starss
and crystal.
Four 12V. bulbs
H.50mm W.50mm

Price £: 106

Ceiling Lamp Spring

Made of metal, glass and plastic.
Three 12V. bulbs.
H.55mm W.40mm

Price £: 75

Ceiling Lamp Turquoise

Made of metal, glass and Plastic.
12V. bulb
H.50mm W.35mm

Price £: 66

Chandelier Oscar

Made of glass, crystal and metal
Five 12V. bulbs.
H.70mm W.45mm

Price £: 304

Ceiling Lamp Art Deco

Made of metal, glass and plastic.
Five 12V. bulbs.
H.75mm W.70mm

Price £: 154

Ceiling Lamp Blue Light

Made of metal, crystal, glass
and plastic.
Four 12V. bulbs.
H.75mm W.55mm

Price £: 163

Ceiling Lamp Green Bud

Made of glass and metal.
12V. bulb.
H.45mm W.30mm

Price £: 53