New products

Ceiling Lamp Lilac Rod

Made of metal, crystal
and glass.
12V. bulb
H.40mm W.30mm

Price US$: 73.5

Wall Lamp Ship

Made of metal.
Two 12V.bulbs
H.40mm W.30mm

Price US$: 42

Wall Sconces Flowers

Made of metal and plastic.
Two 12V. bulbs
H.40mm W.30mm
Price per pair.

Price US$: 85

Ceiling Lamp Brass

Made of metal, crystal and glass.
Four 12V. bulbs
H.100mm W.65mm

Price US$: 237.5

Chandelier Rococo Turquoise

Made of soldered frame,
glass and crystal
Two 12V. bulbs
H.85mm W.55mm

Price US$: 339

Ceiling Lamp Chain

Made of soldered frame, glass,
crystal and a vintage brooche.
12V. bulb
H.60mm W.40mm

Price US$: 181

Ceiling Lamp Pink Bud

Made of soldered frame,
Strass, glassand plastic.
Six 12V. bulbs.
H.80mm W.55mm

Price US$: 153

Ceiling Lamp 1920

Made of glass, soldered frame, brass
parts and an antique brooch.
12V. bulb
H.60mm W.30mm

Price US$: 203.5

Ceiling Lamp White

Made of soldered metal and glass.
12V. bulb
H.60mm W.35mm

Price US$: 73.5

Rococo Chandelier

Made of soldered metal and crystal.
12v. bulb
H.95mm W.50mm

Price US$: 384.5