About Minst.com

Minst miniatures manufactures handmade miniatures to scale, from real life originals or uniquely designed. Often miniature furniture or other objects are made from photo originals provided by the client. Miniatures from Minst are often perceived to have a certain patina that can change a whole miniature room and help to bring models to life.

Miniature artist Cilla Hallbert likes to use antique materials found on flea markets around the world to help create that special feeling. Cilla Hallbert has been working with manufacturing and sales of dolls house miniatures for more than 30 years. Starting out at wholesaler Frisk & Ralf in Stockholm, Cilla dealt with miniatures mainly imported from Germany, France and the UK. Soon Cilla introduced a collection of her own production which was then sold in the Nordic countries and Germany.

Cilla Hallbert moved on to open her own shop in 1991 at Drottninggatan in Stockholm, and a few years later a second shop was established at Artillerigatan. Since 2004 Minst exists on the web and on the many international miniature shows Minst participates in. England, France, Germany, Italy, the US, Sweden and Spain are where you can expect to find Cilla Hallbert and Minst miniatures. At some of the shows, Cilla also give workshops making various miniatures; chandeliers, openable handbags, jewelry boxes, hats, and more.

Cilla Hallbert was the first miniature appraiser authorised by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, meaning that Cilla is certified to be able to put a fair market price on your miniatures.

Since 2010, Cilla shares her time between Barcelona, Spain, and Stockholm, Sweden, in between travelling to shows worldwide.