Ceiling Lamp Shells

Metal, crystal and shells.
Five 12V. bulbs
H.90mm W.70mm

Price €: 180

Ceiling Lamp Crown

Metal and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.60mm W.40mm

Price €: 150

Ceiling Lamp Chain

Metal, glass, crystal
and plastic.
12V. bulb
H.70mm W.40mm

Price €: 150

Plafond Lace

Glass, metal and plastic.
12V. bulb
H.40mm W.60mm

Price €: 60

Plafond Cobalt

Glass, metal and crystal.
Three 12V. bulbs
H.65mm W.65mm

Price €: 85

Plafond White

Glass and metal.
12V. bulb
H.40mm W.50mm

Price €: 35

Plafond Garnet

Metal and glass.
Three 12V. bulbs.
H.65mm W.70mm

Price €: 75

Chandelier Lantern

Glass, crystal and metal.
Six 12V. bulbs
H.80mm W.70mm

Price €: 240

Plafond Orange

Glass and metal
12V. bulb
H.40mm W.40mm

Price €: 35

Ceiling Lamp Art Deco

Made of metal, glass and plastic.
Five 12V. bulbs.
H.75mm W.70mm

Price €: 175

Ceiling Lamp Blue Light

Made of metal, crystal, glass
and plastic.
Four 12V. bulbs.
H.75mm W.55mm

Price €: 165

Ceiling Lamp Rods

Made of metal, glass and crystal
12V. bulb
H.40mm W.20mm

Price €: 40