New products

Ceiling Lamp Bud

Made of metal, glass and plastic.
H.55mm W.90mm

Price €: 65

Ceiling Lamp Rosary

Made of metal and plastic.
H.55mm W.30mm

Price €: 50

Ceiling Lamp X-mas Ball

Made of glass, stone and metal.
12V. bulb
H.70mm W.45mm

Price €: 32

Table Lamp Bow

Made of metal, glass,
crystal and clay.
H.50mm W.25mm

Price €: 58

Ceiling Lamp Jellyfish

Made of glass and metall.
12V. bulb
H.30mm W.50mm

Price €: 55

Ceiling Lamp Green Flower

Made of glass, plastic
and metall.
12V. bulb
H.35mm W.25mm

Price €: 28

Ceiling Lamp Blue Bell

Made of metal and plastic.
12V. bulb.
H.30mm W.25mm

Price €: 26

Ceiling Lamp Ice

Made of plastic and glass.
H.30mm W.20mm

Price €: 26

Mirror Table

Made of wood, stone
and mirror glass.
H.130mm W.100mm D.50mm

Price €: 65

Sofa Embroidered

Made of wood, hand embroidered textile.
H.75mm W.125mm D.55mm

Price €: 85