New products

Shell Box

Made of wood, shells and strass.
H.15mm W.20mm D.10mm

Price €: 25

Stol Embroided

Made of wood and
antique textile.
H.20mm W.35mm D.25mm
Price per unit.

Price €: 10

Ceiling Lamp Capsule

Made of a seed capsule
and plastic beed
H.40mm W.25mm (aprox)

Price €: 20

Ceiling Lamp Pink Flower

Made of metal, crystal and glass
12V. bulb
H.45mm W.30mm

Price €: 60

Ceiling Lamp Turquoise Rose

Made of metal, crystal, glass
and plastic
12V. bulb
H.45mm W.30mm

Price €: 60

Ceiling Lamp Copper Ball

Made of metal, crystal
and glass.
12V. bulb
H.45mm W.35mm

Price €: 64

Ceiling Lamp White

Made of metal, glass
and plastic.
12V. bulb
H.50mm W.35mm

Price €: 38

Nook Turquoise

Made of wood, carton, glass,
metal, shells, fabric, feathers...
12V. bulb
H.220mm W.185mm D.50mm

Price €: 168

Vitrine Flacons

Made of wood. Flacons made of
glass, plastic and crystal.
Six 12V. bulbs
H.155mm W.75mm D.30mm

Price €: 80

Mirror Oval Green

Made of wood and glass.
H.80mm W.60mm

Price €: 63