New products

Chandelier French

Made of knotted beads, soldered
frame and crystals.
12V. bulb
H.70mm W.45mm

Price €: 490

Ceiling Crystal Oscar

Made of metal, glass and crystal.
Five 12V bulbs
H.80mm W.50mm

Price €: 265

Plant Purple

Made of metal and flowers.
H.100mm W.45mm

Price €: 40

Velvet Armchair

Made of wood and velvet.
H.75mm W.60mm D.50mm

Price €: 45

Tin Chair

Made of cast tin and
hand embroidered textil.
H.70mm W.40mm D.40mm

Price €: 30

Hand Bag Openable

Made of metal and antique
embroidered textile.
H.15mm W.15mm D.7mm

Price €: 23


Made of ceramics, metal and paper.
H.100mm W.60mm

Price €: 45

Hat Bordeaux

Made of textile ribbon.
H.10mm W.25mm

Price €: 9

Chandelier Oscar

Made of soldered frame,
crystal beads and drops
plastic shade.
12V. bulb
H.100mm W.65mm

Price €: 245

Table Luster Clear

Made of soldered frame,
crystal drops and beads
glass base and metal details.
H.60mm W.40mm D.20mm

Price €: 105