New products

Ceiling Chandelier Rain Drop

Made of metal, glass
and crystal.
12V bulb
H.90mm W.65mm

Price €: 240

Painting Yellow Hat

Antique oil painting, signed.
! A small crack on the right side.
Brass frame.
H.60mm W.40mm

Price €: 25

Painting Brunett

Antique oil painting,
H.60mm W.40mm

Price €: 40

Ring Box

Made of metal and a stone.
H.10mm W.5mm

Price €: 8

Ceiling Lamp Birds

Made of metal, plastic
and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.45mm W.50mm

Price €: 55

Ceiling Chandelier Bird Song

Made of glass, crystal
and metal.
12V bulb.
H.70mm W.70mm

Price €: 200


Made of a shell, metal
and glass.
H.20mm W.15mm

Price €: 6

Mirror Vipp

Made of metal and plastic
H.45mm W.30mm

Price €: 12

Bag Lace

Made of old lace.

Price €: 5

Hand Bag Leather Lilac

Made of a bean, leather,
metal and
Svarowski stones.
H.15mm W.22mm

Price €: 10