Home decor.

Pair of Cats

Made of metal.
H.20mm W.10mm D.8mm

Price €: 30

Cloth White Cotton

Antique cotton cloth.
Diameter 75mm

Price €: 4

Oil Painting 11

Antique oil painting.
Metal frame, glazed.
H.55mm W.45mm

Price €: 48

Shell Bowl Small

Made of metal and shell
H.20mm W.20mm D.15mm

Price €: 14

Box Blue Decor

Made of metal and ceramics.
H.10mm W.25mm D.20mm

Price €: 8

Box Black

Made of wood and
embroidered fabric.
H.20mm W.20mm D.10mm

Price €: 20

Box Fabric 2

Made of wood and fabric.
H.20mm W.25mm D.15mm

Price €: 15

Box Fabric 1

Made of wood and fabric.
H.20mm W.30mm D.20mm

Price €: 15

Shell Sculpture

Made of shell and metal
H.15mm W.15mm D.5mm

Price €: 6


Made of glass and metal.
H.15mm W.10mm

Price €: 4

Wooden Box

Made of wood.
H.20mm W.30mm D.15mm

Price €: 20