Home decor.

Table Bird 2

Made of metal, wood
and feathers.
H.25mm W.10mm L.40mm

Price €: 35

Table Bird 1

Made of metal, wood
and feathers.
H.30mm W.10mm L.40mm

Price €: 35

Shell Sculpture

Made of shell and metal
H.15mm W.15mm D.5mm

Price €: 6


Made of glass and metal.
H.15mm W.10mm

Price €: 4

Wooden Box

Made of wood.
H.20mm W.30mm D.15mm

Price €: 20

Flower Hook

Made of metal and plastic clay.
H.20mm W.15mm
Select color.
Price per piece

Price €: 5

Glass Dome

Made of glass, wood, cork
and paper.
12V. bulb
H.75mm W.60mm D.35mm

Price €: 95


Made of ceramics, metal and paper.
H.100mm W.60mm

Price €: 45

Candelabra Turquoise

Made of metal, glass, crystal
and ceramics.
H.40mm W.30mm.
Price per piece.

Price €: 35