Chandelier Sea Urchins

Made of metal, crystal,
glass and sea urchins.
Four 12V. bulbs.
H.80mm W.65mm

Price €: 195

Shell Bowl High

Made of shell, mother of pearl
and metal.
H.20mm W.15mm
Price per unit.

Price €: 12

Shell Bowl

Made of shell and metal.
H.30mm W.30mm
Price per unit.

Price €: 15

Wall Lamp Candle

Made of metal, glass and plastic.
12V. bulb.
H.35mm W.15mm

Price €: 23

Ceiling Lamp Double Shell

Made of shells and metal.
12V. bulb
H.35mm W.25mm

Price €: 40

Ceiling Lamp Sea Urchin Olive

Made of a sea urchin, metal,
glass and crystal.
12V. bulb.
H.60mm W.35mm

Price €: 50

Ceiling Lamp Shell Lince

Made of a shell. metal and glass.
12V. bulb.
H.35mm W.30mm

Price €: 40

Ceiling Lamp Shell Horn

Made of a shell, metal
and mother of pearl.
12V. bulb.
H.40mm W.30mm

Price €: 40

Ceiling Lamp Crystal

Made of metal and crystal.
12V. bulb
H.80mm W.45mm

Price €: 135

Ceiling Lamp Sea Urchin Lilac

Made of metal, glass, crystal
and a sea urchin.
12V. bulb.
H.75mm W.45mm

Price €: 50