Wall Lamp Lovebirds

Made of wood, glass and metal.
12V. bulb
H,50mm W.15mm

Price €: 48

Chandelier Rain Drop

Made of metal and crystal
12V. bulb
H.55mm W.40mm

Price €: 98

Chandelier Peach

Made of metal, crystal and plastic.
Three 12V. bulbs
H.70mm W.35mm

Price €: 95

Table Lamp Elephant

Made of metal and bone.
12V. bulb
H.40mm W.15mm

Price €: 55

Wall Lamp Antique

Made of pewter, mirror glass
and plastic.
Two 12V. bulbs
H.90mm W.40mm

Price €: 135

Table Luster Cobalt

Made of stone, crystal, glass,
metal and plastic.
H.40mm W.30mm D.20mm

Price €: 95

Flower Hook

Made of metal and plastic clay.
H.20mm W.15mm
Select color.
Price per piece

Price €: 5

Wall Lamp Flambeau

Made of metal and plastic.
12V. bulb.
H.45mm W.15mm

Price €: 30

Table Lamp Theater

Made of metal, glass and plastic.
Three 12V. bulbs
H.60mm W.35mm

Price €: 60

Bead 1

Useful as a bead.
Pictured front and back.
Price per piece.

Price €: 1